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Bertie bounces back -- and so does the nation

I see Bertie is back. The old Bertie. No one really warned us. He just started popping up here and there, looking energised and confident and talking about normal things, things that aren't the details of his banking transactions, things like Down Syndrome kids, even the economy. Even at that, it's not so much what he's been saying, it's the bounce, the more bearable lightness of Bertie last week. He seemed positively non-defensive. He even seemed slimmer, less dark and heavy of jowl, straighter, fitter. And, boy, was it a relief. Because if we ever needed the Bertie bounce, we need it now.

In his heyday, Bertie used to rival Tom Cruise for bounce. He'd bounce out of his car and do the crowds with that incredible energy that Tom Cruise brings to premiere nights: a word and handshake for all the waiting fans, saying hello to people's mothers on their mobile phones.

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