Wednesday 22 November 2017

Being monogamous and happy doesn't mean we've lost our mojo

Sex for sex's sake is not transgressive anymore. We now have meaningful, authentic choices, writes Julia Molony

ERICA Jong, that stalwart champion of the female sex drive, fears for the survival of feminine desire in a 21st-Century world. Is she right? Are we all in danger of losing our mojo?

She speaks, after all, on good authority. Jong is a world-renowned expert on sexual politics and has been at the coal-face of the liberation movement in the Sixties and Seventies. Her first novel, Fear of Flying, could be seen as the progenitor of the Sex and the City mentality, in that it celebrated a woman's impulse towards sex for its own sake.

Now, she's concerned that the efforts of her generation have been wasted. Though these days overt sexuality surrounds us from all sides -- from Rhianna singing about S&M on the radio, to Playboy becoming a global brand -- it's very often all neatly bound and packaged. Has sex invaded the marketplace so much that it's leaving our real lives strangely neutered? Jong seems to think so.

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