Friday 27 April 2018

Beautiful People don't get the Irish male's animal magnetism

Donal Lynch submitted his magnificent visage to the website that had the cheek to diss the good looks of our men

Are you an ugly guy? Seriously, though. Not totally hideous, not a Celtic Quasimodo, but just a little bit of a munter? Do you have a really low forehead and lab-rat pale skin? Or perhaps your default expression is 'gormless'? Or maybe you tense up when they take a photo of you because you know you'll look horrible in it.

If all of these things are the case, then don't worry! You're just Irish. And we are the mingin-est guys in the world. So say the good folks at -- a newly popular dating site which weeds out applicants if they're too wonky-looking, which Irishmen mostly are.

The website, which claims it has five million members worldwide, asks applicants to submit a photo and then over a 48-hour period, existing site members are asked to vote on whether they should be accepted -- like a sort of ethnic-cleansing system for munters.

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