Wednesday 21 February 2018

Attaining sobriety requires a shot of sense

Surely keeping off the drink should mean keeping out of the pub -- and Ibiza, writes Declan Lynch

IHAVE been watching with great interest a series on RTE2 called Stone Cold Sober, which is about a bunch of lads from Tullow, Co Carlow, who are trying to stay off the drink for six months. I have been off the drink for about 14 years, but I don't think I could have got through the first 14 days if I'd started off like the lads.

Admittedly they're trying to make a TV programme here, which brings its own pressures, and of course they probably wouldn't be going off the drink in the first place if there was no TV programme. So it is a laudable project in many ways, and yet in other ways it demonstrates our amazing lack of understanding of this vast subject which dominates so many of our lives

Maybe, indeed, it is just too big for us to see it with any clarity. For how could so many of us have done so much drinking in this country, and then tried to give it up, without it being generally known that there are some basic things you need to do in order to succeed in this quest?

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