Saturday 18 November 2017

Arrogance aplenty but little mastery among our 'betters'

The Department of Finance failed in its central role, which is the economic management of the State, writes Jody Corcoran

THE Department of Finance published a report on itself last July, what it called a 'Capacity Review'. At the time the economy was in meltdown for at least a year, more like two, an awesome event which is still ongoing with little tangible end in sight.

The headline effects so far: over 435,000 workers, mostly from the real economy, out of a job; the banks in need of an €80bn citizen bail-out; the public sector hovering on the brink of all-out strike, such workers who, to nail a lie at the outset, are as much a cause of the crisis as almost anybody else.

But these are just some of the headline effects, truths, if you like, which have almost become cliche, so familiar with them we have now become.

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