Saturday 24 March 2018

Another Fine Gael mess Enda has gotten them into

Like the banking figures, the sums no longer add up for Enda Kenny and it's time for him to quit, writes Eamon Delaney

WITH all the attention on the Government's banking bailout and the bond markets, there is a danger that we will lose sight of the other great freefall of last week: Enda Kenny's political career. Like the small boy who feels he might have got away with making a separate mess at a children's party where the house got wrecked, cute hoor Enda may have thought he got away with it. Keep the head down, Phil, and the moment, and this opinion poll, will pass. After all, everyone's watching those bond markets.

But a lot like those banking figures, the sums for Enda and Fine Gael just keep getting worse. Quite simply, Enda Kenny has to be replaced as Fine Gael leader, and be replaced by someone who will re-galvanise the party and help it recover its momentum. It is unbelievable that with such an unpopular Government and the economy in turmoil, Fine Gael is going down in the opinion polls. It is just about level with Fianna Fail, a party which has provoked a seemingly decent man to drive a cement lorry through the gates of Leinster House. That's some achievement for the government-in-waiting. Or should that be, former government-in-waiting.

The way things are going, Fine Gael could end up being something akin to the Greens in a future coalition, dominated by the Gilmore Reds.

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