Friday 23 February 2018

Annihilate the middle classes at nation's peril

The one group who could ultimately get us out of this is being killed off, writes Brendan O'Connor

IT WOULD be easy to despair. We have a Government that has to be taught about democracy by Sinn Fein and that is being lectured about economic growth by Sinn Fein and the unions, the kind of people who have done everything in their power to stymie economic growth here for as long as anyone can remember.

It is a telling comment on this Government's loss of moral authority. Its ability to push through a budget appears to rely on a flat-capped caricature from Kerry who wants a bypass and a hospital, who doesn't even pretend to give a damn about the state of the country and whose concerns could be said to be even more local than the parish pump, seemingly being primarily to pass his seat on to his son Dolly, who will continue his father's abuse of our system of proportional representation.

Some people seem to be of the opinion that a few by-elections, or more likely a general election, will provide some kind of answer to our problems, despite the fact that it seems that the best a general election will give us is a coalition between two parties that can't even get on in opposition to the most unpopular Government in living memory and beyond. One of these parties can't even manage to fight off an ineffectual leader, never mind economic chaos, and the other has no coherent economic policies and gets ratty when anyone points this out.

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