Wednesday 21 November 2018

Anglo-Irish role call

Sir Gilbert Laithwaite: March 1949 ('Representative, Eire' for one month, 'Representative, Republic of Ireland' until July 1950, thereafter 'Ambassador, Republic of Ireland').

Sir Walter Hankinson: October 1951.

Sir Alexander Clutterbuck:

September 1955.

Sir Ian Maclennan:

September 1959.

Sir Geofroy Tory:

February 1964.

Sir Andrew Gilchrist:

February 1967.

John Peck:

April 1970 (knighted 1971).

Sir Arthur Galsworthy:

February 1973.

Christopher Ewart-Biggs:

July 1976 (killed in an IRA car bomb on July 21, 16 days after taking up office).

Walter Robert Haydon: November 1976 (knighted 1979).

Leonard Figg: June 1980 (knighted 1981). Retired from the diplomatic service after Dublin; council member Cooperation Ireland, 1985-1995, and VC of the British Red Cross, 1983-1988.

Alan Clowes Goodison: June 1983 (knighted 1985). Retired from diplomatic service after Dublin; director of the

Wales Foundation 1988-1992. Died a fortnight ago.

Nicholas Fenn: December 1986 (knighted 1989). Went on to be high commissioner to India 1991-1996.

David Blatherwick: September 1991 (knighted 1997). Went on to be ambassador to Egypt 1996-1999.

Veronica Sutherland: March 1995 (elevated to dame 1998). Went on to be deputy secretary general (economic and social affairs) at the Commonwealth secretariat 1999-2001.

Ivor Roberts: February 1999 (knighted 2000). Went on to become ambassador to Rome.

Stewart Eldon: April 2003 (going on to become ambassador to Nato.

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