Thursday 14 December 2017

Amateurs make way for seasoned barflies on 'Enda benders'

These boys are determined to go nowhere fast, while still blaming it all on Bertie, writes Nicky Larkin

Nicky Larkin

FOR another few days, tip-jars will overflow, people will be nice to each other on trains, and middle-aged country women will give each other beetroot. But this seasonal goodwill will quickly dissipate, as we tear the plastic wrappers from our brand new calendars. Because once January comes around, the social thermostat auto-reverts -- and people get scaldy in queues again.

It won't take us very long. By the second day of 2014, you won't even be required to say hello to strangers anymore. Those shady-looking individuals will be back standing outside the supermarket, collecting money for various illnesses from which they may or may not suffer. Normal service will soon resume.

The dole will come on Wednesdays again, and the kids will all be back at school. Withered shells will attempt to operate for just one more go around the calendar -- barely alive on bar-tabs that'll never be paid, merely reprieved from week-to-week on a stay of execution.

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