Saturday 17 February 2018

All the single ladies could learn from savvy Beyonce

Julia Molony

Controversy continues to stalk Beyonce Knowles' every new business venture. Last year, the world's people were getting their knickers in a knot about her little $2m nixer performing at the birthday party of Hannibal Gaddafi (aka son of the colonel). This year, she's in hot water again, after the television ad for her new perfume, Heat, in which she wears a low-cut dress and even flashes some flesh, was banned from daytime telly by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK because it is, apparently, "too provocative".

Honestly, you'd think the public out there would understand that depending on me doesn't come for free. Beyonce is a committed sort of a woman, and if that means pulling out all the stops (or indeed slipping into a skimpy dress) to make her perfume sell well, that's what she'll do.

After all, close followers of her career will know that this fits in perfectly with Beyonce's own brand of feminist ideology, which according to her songs is something which finds expression somewhere between buying her own watch and shoes, shaking it on the dance floor, and demanding jewellery, or more specifically an engagement ring, from suitors with commitment issues.

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