Monday 20 November 2017

All of human nature revealed in the bedroom

How a person gets their sexual thrills is enormously revealing of their character, writes Eilis O'Hanlon

Should a chap's fondness for rough sex disbar him from high office? In France, it's a moot point right now, since Dominique Strauss-Kahn has decided against running for president following his humbling stay in a New York prison on since-discredited rape charges; thus, the fact that the mother of a young French journalist he is also accused of attempting to rape has come forward to say she previously had "consensual but brutal" sex with the former IMF head hasn't been tested at the polls.

It's certainly true that in Ireland or Britain, the sort of stories that have surfaced about DSK -- allegedly behaving, in the woman's words, like an "obscene boor" whose "sexual lust makes him want to dominate" -- would finish off a political career in minutes. In France, probably not so much, but then the French are strange on so many more levels than we have time to get into here. Some openly prefer the continental approach, where a person's sexual proclivities remain a private matter; they even consider it sophisticated. But on this one, I think we have it right to believe that it counts what people get up to behind closed bedroom doors.

Legendary interviewer Lynn Barber once said that, when she first met someone, she always tried to imagine what they got up to in their beds, because that was the surest way of figuring out what was going on in their heads.

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