Monday 23 October 2017

All I really wanted for Christmas was to cancel it

Completely without water over Christmas, Emer O'Kelly found herself grateful for the generosity of friends

ON December 22, I wanted to cancel Christmas, go to bed (preferably with a couple of bottles of wine) and stay there until it was all over. That's unheard of for me: I relish every last bauble on the tree. I love the magic of the nativity story. I believe in Santa Claus, for heaven's sake.

But I had already been without water for 36 hours, and had just received the news that my water wouldn't be back, until "WEEE-EEELL after Christmas" delivered in cheery tones by an official in the Water Department of Dublin City Council. No apology; just wait for the thaw, whenever it happened.

Apparently the 12-hour rationing (ie cut off for 12 hours out of 24) which had continued for some days during the freeze had ensured that many thousands of people's mains supply had seized up, cutting off their supply entirely. The city council had known this would happen, but had gone ahead anyway. When I protested in (mild, considering the circumstances) disbelief, a word beginning with "f" was used at the other end, and I was hung up on. (I have his name, though!)

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