Monday 23 April 2018

Alison O'Connor: Yoga fan Micheal must bend over backwards to apologise

Alison O'Connor

Yoga. It's not a word, a practice or a state of mind you'd ever usually associate with Fianna Fail. But I remember a conversation with the new Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin a number of years ago where he mentioned how he'd recently had a chat with his fellow Corkman Roy Keane on the merits of taking up yoga, not long after the footballer revealed the wonders that the practice had worked for his fitness.

I recall thinking how a poster with the two of them doing the sun salutation could work wonders in a billboard campaign. But back then that wasn't really the Fianna Fail cup of tea, as it were. Martin was still viewed with scepticism by a number in the party who were a little suspicious of his clean living ways. They felt there was too much of the altar boy about him, not to mention how trigger happy he was when it came to commissioning reports and hiding behind them. For a long time he was known as the 'former future leader of Fianna Fail'.

But fast-forward to today and his colleagues are hoping that the Corkman will be their salvation as they face into a general election meltdown. That salvation may eventually come, but they had better realise, like he appears to, that it could take a decade.

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