Sunday 25 February 2018

Alison O'Connor: Cowen's time is over and succession stakes are high

Alison O'Connor

When historians look back on this turbulent period of our history, what in heaven will they make of it all? What will they make of us being led by a man who gained an international reputation for drunkenness and whose second in command was diagnosed mid-crisis with a possibly fatal disease, but who decided to battle on and put the country first?

They will surely conclude that Brian Cowen survived a remarkably long time given the lameness of his performance. But what will time and perspective allow them to make of Brian Lenihan's bravery, but ultimate mishandling of the financial crisis?

Over the last few weeks Brian Lenihan's other profession has been playing on my mind. His expertise as a barrister may just prove his undoing as a politician -- and, in turn, our undoing.

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