Saturday 17 November 2018

Air-kissing the terrorists - call it Luvvies Actually

Eoghan Harris

Eoghan Harris

OSAMA Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda pose us with the same moral problem as Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party in September 1939. Do we line up behind the only two leaders ready to resist these reactionaries, George W Bush and Tony Blair? Or do we appease a gang of political criminals who hate the modern world, whether it be in Bali or Baghdad, in America or in Morocco?

Already the Irish public intellectuals have given their answer. Like their grandfathers in 1939 they are going to stand on the sidelines, treat the fight against terrorism as a spectator sport, and if not quite leaving their armchairs to support the IRA, they are certainly going to parrot its Second World War propaganda and argue that America and Britain are the real aggressors.

But this time around instead of being in thrall to German fascists the Irish pundits are in thrall to British left luvvies. You will never hear an anti-Bush party line on RTE that has not already been aired on the BBC. Most anti-Bush abuse does not come from working-class mouths. It comes in the cut-glass accents of the upper-class Trot, from a Tony Benn, a Vanessa Redgrave or a Glenda Jackson, gripped by colonial guilt. But if the Irish luvvies take their general line from Islington Trots, they take their particular political pathologies about America and Britain in the Middle East from Robert Fisk.

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