Monday 19 March 2018

Adrian Hon: Apple has head in the cloud amid security fears

Adrian Hon

We've become acc-ustomed to Apple launching a succession of beautiful objects every year. This week's announcement was different. Steve Jobs didn't have a piece of brushed metal or glass to show us. Instead, it was about a big, revolutionary, and yes, perhaps beautiful new idea: the iCloud.

Once upon a time, a computer was a grey box with a bulky monitor that sat in your office or at home and held all your data. Then came modems and the net, and we began sending emails and surfing the web.

Today, the internet is everywhere and we can access it from our phones, laptops, desktops, and tablet computers through Wi-Fi and 3G mobile networks. Since most people have at least two devices -- a phone and a computer -- if not more, we want to keep our data such as music, calendars, address books and emails synchronised across all of them.

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