Sunday 15 December 2019

A Royal in touch with reality?

Prince Charles
Prince Charles

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POOR Prince Charles. At 65 he's spent his life in the wings – outshone by his mother, his first wife, his son, his second wife, his daughter-in-law and now his baby grandson. And for what? A job he can't have until his mammy dies and, let's face it, despite being 88, she's showing no signs of passing on the orb and sceptre any time soon.

As heir to the throne, Charlo is expected to keep his views to himself – royals are not supposed to have opinions, let alone express them. So far, Chas has managed to find a balance between Mummy, and her extraordinary ability to keep schtum, and Pater, Phil the Greek, who opens his mouth only to change feet.

Until now. Comparing Vlad Putin to Hitler is a gaffe so enormous that it probably rendered his dear old Da utterly speechless (which would be a first). The remark is alleged to have happened during a private conversation with Mrs Marienne Ferguson, a Jewish volunteer at the Immigration Museum in Halifax Nova Scotia, who the Nazis caused to flee her native Poland in 1939.

Mummy is no doubt furious, but we'll never know, as she doesn't do opinions. Both British politicians and media have laid into the ageing Prince about causing an 'international incident'. Cool your jets lads, it's not as if he annexed part of the Crimea is it? They'll soon change their respective tunes as Charles's popularity grows with the British public. They despised the wishy-washy Wales, but this Charlie and his opinions, they like.

This could be the start of something big.

Anne Marie Scanlon

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