Friday 23 February 2018

A round of political cliches on the house

We don't usually hear about the quaffing and the blathering in which our politicians indulge, writes Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

Declan Lynch

THERE was a great article by Jody Corcoran in this paper recently, in which he described a night in the Dail Bar. In essence, it was quite a simple piece, just Jody describing the sort of scenes which you might encounter in any busy lounge bar in the centre of Dublin, with the slight difference that in this case, most of the clientele, be they politicians or journalists, just happened to be running the country as they quaffed and blathered and conspired.

And two things in particular emerged from that piece, demanding the full attention of any thinking person. The first thing is related to the second thing, and together they offer us a certain insight into why Ireland is the way it is.

The first thing is just a line about how Wednesday night is Brian Cowen's night out. Since Mr Cowen also has the usual programme of weekend social engagements which any Irishman would claim as his birthright, his enemies might say that in this time of dire emergency, our prime minister might be able to find something else to be doing on a Wednesday night apart from enjoying himself.

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