Wednesday 19 June 2019

A red-faced Tubridy lets off gaffe in Windy City

Poor Ryan Tubridy looked as if he wanted the ground to swallow him up during last week's Tubridy Tonight show.

First, he had to deal with madcap music producer David Gest kicking off the evening with prolonged stories about oral sex, farts and herpes.

Red-faced Ryan spent most of the interview with his head in his hands -- though Gest was probably one of the most entertaining interviewees ever on the show.

Next, he had the unenviable task of making sure the stars of RTE's Dan and Becs didn't come across as clones of the insufferable southside twits they play on TV.

But the best bit came during the quiz -- with the prize of an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Chicago.

But it turned into a TV clanger when Ryan mistakenly told a caller she had won, when in fact, she had given the wrong answer.

The question was: "Who won an Oscar for best supporting actress in the film Chicago?" Viewers were also shown a clip of the film, featuring Renee Zelwegger and Catherine Zeta Jones, as a clue.

The excited caller, Gillian her name was, told Ryan how thrilled she would be to go to Chicago and then gave the answer as Renee Zelwegger.

"Yes, you're going to Chicago!" he trilled, before a quick producer's word in his earpiece told him that the correct answer was in fact Catherine Zeta Jones and Gillian was not going to the Windy City.

Celebrations were somewhat muted when the second caller got the answer right. But she was having none of Ryan's suggestion that she take Gillian along with her.

RTE later gave Gillian a consolation prize in the form of a €500 shopping voucher.

Catherine Zeta Jones did indeed win the best supporting actress Oscar, but Renee Zelwegger was nominated for best actress in a leading role.

After that, the soothing tones of the effortlessly elegant Bibi Baskin must have come as a relief. Thankfully, nobody brought up the infamous quote about Bibi, made during a discussion on the Gerry Ryan show some years ago.

"And where would you like to be buried?" Gerry asked a caller, to which he replied: "Up to me balls in Bibi Baskin!"

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