Sunday 17 December 2017

A people heartbroken by the banks

A 'small-time' businessman continues his expose on how 'blackguard bankers' are driving firms to the wall before they seize the remainder of their assets

IT was another busy week for the bank spin doctors, trying to appease the nation, but this time round we were not as easily fooled by their fancy jargon.

Central Bank Governor Patrick Honohan announced last Tuesday that small- and medium-sized enterprises needed greater support if the economy and the banks were to survive in the future. What's new? It sounded like Mr Honohan had just woken up from a deep slumber and discovered a new planet, or maybe he read my article in the Sunday Independent last week. This is what we ordinary people of Ireland have been saying for the past two years, so, Mr Honohan, your words ring very hollow for us

Are the bankers starting to do a U-turn ? I don't think so -- public relations has always been one of their strong points. I remember in the heady days of free-for-all lending, I always got a nice Christmas card from my local manager. Ironically enough this year, on return from one of the marathon meetings I wrote about last week, I was greeted not by a card but a letter from the bank with a warning that, unless I paid up within 21 days the sheriff would be calling -- on Christmas Day.

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