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A new breed of she-wolf is prowling for no-strings sex

'He's my f**k buddy -- whenever we're bored on campus or drunk we just end up with each other." This is how Jane*, a 21-year-old commerce student who lives on campus in UCD, describes a casual sexual arrangement with one of her fellow students.

A highly sexualised new generation of female college-goers in their early 20s have emerged and are willing to literally expose their every emotional thought and lay themselves bare.

"Life for me and many of my friends became highly sexualised when we started college. I was in Trinity and meeting girls not just from Ireland but America and England who would put out and lived on campus so it was easier to go back to someone's house for a bit of casual sex. That's when my sex life really took off," says a 22-year-old engineering student at Trinity.

With college students putting themselves under severe pressure to keep up with the pace of casual sex and no-strings-attached encounters, a new generation of girls have developed who believe their bodies set them free.

"There's quite a bit of promiscuity out there. People don't bother with courtship these days so if they like each other, things will happen quickly. Boys expect girls to be loose once you reach college so we have to live up to that assumption. I know a girl who goes to house parties and charges boys €5 for a blow job," says a 21-year-old female drama student.

"Pretty much every girl in her early 20s in Dublin seems to only want casual sex. The vast majority of girls have no problem in going home with a guy.

"When they're full of drink, girls just think of sex," laughs a 20-year-old boy lounging around the campus.

With intimacy all but gone out of sex for young people, it has been replaced with a new culture of "shags" and "threesomes" and girls tend not to care who it is with or who knows what about their sexual liaisons. "Girls don't want to be seen to be doing anything romantic or soppy in public, which might hurt their street cred," adds one girl.

Turning themselves into willing porn stars and degrading themselves for the attentions of a boy is common-place. "Being over flirty with boys, or even kissing other girls for male attention is rampant. I was at this party and this girl got fairly intimate with a guy. Suddenly he burst through the door where the rest of us were partying and told all the lads what happened -- she was left with her knickers around her ankles," says one female nursing student.

Another 22-year-old boy joins in on the conversation: "I was working at Electric Picnic this summer and one of the girls who works with me wouldn't be the best looking so she jumped on the stage and started pole dancing, showing off to the lads and gyrating against the pole. Let's say it didn't work."

Another guy tells me how he was propositioned by a girl in a room full of people including her brother.

"It sent out terrible messages about her," he said.

Unleashed into a society that says it's perfectly normal to drink alcohol and become as drunk and lairy as lads on nights out, one girl tells me how the mere thought of going out on the tiles without a drink shocks her into staying in for an evening.

A regular male drinker on the college scene told how he would drink, on average, six cans before going into town on a night "but the girls would always have the litre of vodka at the ready and it's normal to see the girls messy and swaying side by side.

"The worst thing is their sexual confidence increases the more drink they consume.

"Being approached by a hammered-looking girl isn't a very attractive trait. That's how lads behave -- we don't want that in the fairer sex," he said.

Celebrities have brainwashed young women into believing good looks, promiscuity and a lavish lifestyle are synonymous with success. "Image matters and many tend to obsess about their looks. I've seen some girls who hate getting into photographs in case there is evidence that they weren't looking great and it will show up on Facebook. Its over-obsessive," says 23-year-old Jessica.

Carl, a 22-year-old marketing student, works for an event management company with a 60 per cent female workforce. "The vast majority of the girls would cover themselves literally in fake tan and plaster on the make up.

"They feel in competition with each other to look as done up as possible," he said.

Yes, the hipless, concave figure of high fashion that trickles down to the high street is dominating these young girls' every thought. The fetish for flat stomachs and large breasts and the constant speculation about over-dieting among celebrities is what they are obsessing about.

"I feel like I should dress like Shakira in her She Wolf music video, when she is prancing around half naked in that cage. I measure my weight as the ability to fit in, make friends, be popular," says one girl who is in the final year of her business and legal studies course.

One student even had her Facebook pictures done professionally with a full spray tan and make-up application so guys could pine over how pretty she was and not quickly hover to someone else's page. An arts student laughs as he explains the routine of meeting a girl here in Ireland: "You are both too drunk when you first meet to talk so you end up eating the face off of each other.

"The next day you find the other person on Facebook to see if they're as good looking as you thought or whether it was just 'beer goggles', and then you text and drunkenly bash your genitals into each other on the dance floor. That's the extent of it."

And so these years are the golden years -- time to have a whole bunch of fun and adventure, to get it out of your system, the good and the bad and the ugly.

One female student sums it up: "The pressures of work and impending 'maturity' after college make you feel that you should enjoy your college experience to the full, the worst would be regretting not having done it all."

* All names featured have been changed

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