Saturday 17 March 2018

A flight of fancy for the modern woman

New show 'Pan Am' offers a little escapism from the worries of today's tough world, writes Julia Molony

Tomorrow, a fantasy of female empowerment in a blue pencil skirt will glide on to our television screens. Mega-budget, super-glossy television behemoth Pan Am is about to take off, bringing an iconic vision of the Pan Am stewardess into Irish living rooms.

Impeccably coiffed and styled, yet intelligent and accomplished, the construct of the Sixties woman, as rendered by Pan Am, is a smart rejoinder to the emotional car-crashes that populate Mad Men.

Of course, legion comparisons have already been drawn, the most obvious of which relates to the fact that they are set in roughly the same eras. But while Mad Men deals with the boom in the advertising industry, Pan Am chronicles the jet age -- an epoch in which the advent of the turbine engine heralded a world of opportunity and adventure to those wealthy few who could afford it.

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