Friday 18 January 2019

5 MINS WITH Sean Fitzpatrick

Who?: Sean Fitzpatrick, chairman of Anglo Irish Bank and chairman of Ready For Work (RFW) programme.

Where?: Anglo Irish Private Banking HQ, Connaught House.

When?: Tuesday afternoon.

What's up?: "With the Ready For Work Programme, we are trying to get the homeless back to work. We go to the homeless agencies, we interview them, give them intensive three-day training. Companies like Brown Thomas, KPMG, Marks and Spencer then give a two-week placement which is unpaid. From our last group of 15, permanent jobs went to 10."

What made you jump out of bed this morning?: "My wife pushed me out of bed, but I'm very enthusiastic about RFW."

How many hours in your day?: "I sleep for eight so there must 16."

Do you miss life at Anglo Irish Bank? (Sean was CEO until two years ago): "I don't miss one minute of it. There's a time to do things and a time to go, some people stay too long. I'm still lost but I believe I'll find myself."

What has been your biggest challenge?: "Finding contentment, be that working 20 hours a day, playing golf or whatever."

What drives you nuts?: "The Hollywood set, people who aren't real, bureaucracy, falseness."

Are you ambitious now?: "Not really, and certainly not on the golf course."

What about downtime?:"I don't really have any. I enjoy walking with the family; I enjoy travel."

"What are you currently reading?: "Michael O Muircheartaigh's autobiography."

Are you a high-energy guy?: "My wife would probably say I am."

Are you a details person?: "I wouldn't be well organised and would be fearful of those who are."

Do you have any regrets?: "Millions in every part of my life, but that doesn't mean I'm unhappy."

if you had a spare million? "I'd do something for the homeless; provide day-time facilities."

If you weren't Seanie Fitz who would you have liked to be?: "I would love to have been a professional footballer like Eric Cantona."

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