Monday 24 September 2018

2010 has had more highlights than David Beckham's hair

WHAT a long, strange 12 months it's been. Politically, 2010 has had more highlights than David Beckham's hair. It was the year when Bruton almost killed Kenny, when Brian Cowen got a hoarse throat, when Bertie Ahern announced he was retiring as a TD, when George Lee became an ex-TD and Defence Minister Willie O'Dea shot himself in the foot, when Finance Minister Brian Lenihan gave AIB to a grateful electorate for Christmas and when Agriculture Minister Brendan Smith gave them free cheese and, most dramatically, it was the year when a chap called Ajai Chopra became Ard-Ri of Ireland.

It was like 'Killinaskully'-meets-'Corrie'. The year's most dramatic political soap opera was sparked by an opinion poll on Thursday, June 10, which showed that Fine Gael had been overtaken by Labour as Ireland's most popular party.

That night on 'Prime Time', deputy leader Richard Bruton conspicuously failed to endorse the leadership of Enda Kenny and, suddenly, the knives came flying out of scabbards.

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