Tuesday 23 January 2018

1,000 days BC ended in rough

IT is probably fitting, in a pathetic way, that it all ended on a golf course. We've seen pictures of Cowen on the golf course and it's not a pretty sight: a sweaty, huffing, puffing, unhappy-looking unmade bed, bet into a belly-gripping polo shirt.

And now it seems as if one of those sweaty romps around the golf course, with Cowen accompanied on this occasion by alleged friends, could be the full stop not just to Cowen's 1,000-day career as Taoiseach and not just to the last decade or more of Fianna Fail-led Celtic Tiger and post Celtic Tiger Ireland, but the full stop to Fianna Fail itself.

Ronnie Drew used to say that only c**ts played golf. And if that is the case then we have truly become a nation of See You Next Tuesdays (for a quick nip around the back nine). Any bit of land in this country that isn't taken up by ghost estates or ghost hotels is occupied by ghost golf courses. You can't get a cup of tea or a drop of petrol for love or money when you drive from Dublin to Cork, but you could stop off for 50 games of golf. And you wouldn't have any trouble getting a tee time either.

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