Friday 24 November 2017

An image from the rice queue in Izmir .... the boy with the war in his eyes

For the past few weeks we have all seen the plight of those whose lives are separated from ours by accidents of birth

People paddle a boat from Turkey
People paddle a boat from Turkey
young men sleep on concrete railway ties in Croatia
a woman holding a crying baby is pulled out of the crowd of refugees behind a fence that blocks the crossing from Croatia to Slovenia
refugees and migrants arrive in Greece

Fergal Keane

I have been trying to make sense of the last three weeks on the road but I am struggling. There are rare occasions when the formal constraints of journalism feel inadequate to convey the range and depth of human experience, the sense of the epic which radiates from certain moments in our history. The good editor has indulged me so I have set down in free verse the images and thoughts that will not leave me. Perhaps they will add up to some kind of sense, perhaps not. Unusual but there you go.

I saw him

in the rice queue at Izmir

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