Friday 15 December 2017

Alone in the house, things can get odd

Matt Damon's motor does not turn itself on, then die when it’s needed
Matt Damon's motor does not turn itself on, then die when it’s needed

We do this little experiment once a year, where they all leave me to my own devices for a while. It is ostensibly to go visiting, but I think in reality it is to focus my mind and make me appreciate them more when they come back. To show me that I need them. Also, in some weird way it is portrayed as doing me a favour, by getting out of my hair. Clearly my wife and children are the ones on holiday, but somehow I am supposed to be having a ball at home, even though, this time, as usual, I was at work every day of their absence.

In truth, it is always a slightly weird and disjointed time for me when they go away. Because I was working all the time, I couldn't exactly go on the beer for the duration, though I did have a few one evening. I usually decide, though, that there are lots of things that I would like to be doing in the house in the evenings that they prevent me from doing, like listening to music, music I like, out loud. And watching films I want to watch, weird arthouse films and the like, the kind of thing I would watch if my wife and children didn't drag me down culturally and if I was free to be the arty bohemian I would have been if they hadn't all come into my life.

But it usually ends up with me going slightly doolally in the evenings and wishing that they were there, leaving me alone, but there anyway.

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