Friday 21 September 2018

Ageism - the millennials' latest crime

'Getting older actually isn't that bad'
'Getting older actually isn't that bad'

I see ageism is the latest crime of the millennials. I have honestly come to think that if we talked about any other sector of society the way we talk about the millennials, it would possibly be regarded as hate crime. It would certainly be some kind of 'ism', perhaps even ageism.

We ridicule them, we treat them like idiots, we dismiss them with easy stereotypes - lazy, entitled, hypersensitive, gap-yearing, wanting-to-be-the-managing-director-their-first-week-in-the-job, avocado-munching tosspots.

You'd swear any of us had never been young. You'd swear we had never been idealistic. You'd swear we had never tried to forge our own new way of eating, casting aside the food our parents made us eat, only to return to it later. You'd swear none of us ever thought we knew it all and that old people had conservative, outdated opinions about everything. You'd swear none of us had ever wished the older generation would get out of the way and give us our chance. Because let's face it, we were all millennials once. They didn't have a name for it back then, but it was more or less the same thing.

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