Thursday 16 August 2018

A newly revved-up Wills is no longer the world's least sexy man

The motorcycle, symbolic of recklessness and adventure, is the ultimate heart-throb item, writes Sophie Donaldson

LIVING THE DREAM: Wills on a 2018 Bobber
LIVING THE DREAM: Wills on a 2018 Bobber
Marion Donaldson leans on a 1975 Triumph
Sophie Donaldson

Sophie Donaldson

Something very odd is happening with the Windsors. At last week's BAFTAs the Duchess of Cambridge flouted the all-black dress code and chose a bottle green frock, much to the chagrin of certain individuals. Then, the Queen made a shock appearance front row, beside Anna Wintour, at London Fashion Week. If this wasn't enough, Prince William was photographed atop a motorbike.

Yes, I do mean that Prince William - he of crumpets and tartan, fox hunting and chinos - looking quite comfortable astride what is possibility the antithesis of stuffiness. During the week, he took a trip to visit Triumph Motorcycles - and not satisfied with a brief tour, he took a ride and the resulting photos are... oh, my.

There he is, gamely strapping on a helmet. There again, straddling a beast of a bike. Most impressively, he is also photographed riding a motorcycle and not looking totally terrified. He actually manages to pull it off. While the sight of Wills might seem almost as shocking as his grandmother sitting FROW, apparently he has always been something of a bike aficionado and often rode throughout his 20s. But that was young William; this is dad William - who is sitting on a bike wearing a knitted jumper. Never mind though, because this Dadcore frumpiness is offset by the fact that the motorcycle is completely badarse.

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