Friday 19 October 2018
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BSE was first reported in Britain in the mid-1980s
There’s ‘no food risk’ in mad cow disease case Mad cow disease – BSE – has been found on a farm in Aberdeenshire – the first case in Britain for three years, but authorities have said there is no food risk here.
Main Farming Headlines
The Origin Green scheme rolled out by Bord Bia Overseas consumers put a premium on Irish grass-fed label Martin Ryan A majority of consumers in our main export markets are prepared to pay a premium price for grass-fed Irish meat and dairy produce, a new Bord Bia survey has found.
Delvin Mart. Sheep for sale at the mart. Picture; Gerry Mooney A 'sheep stealer' is the worst thing a farmer can be called in rural Ireland - court told Stephen Maguire A solicitor has told a court that to be called a "sheep stealer" is the worst thing a farmer can be called in rural Ireland.
Now is the ideal time to spread lime Spreading lime now could save thousands in feed costs next year Joe Kelleher Ground conditions are very good in most parts of the country at present. This presents a great opportunity for getting a few loads of lime out this autumn.
Michael Hoey. Photo: MAXWELLS.DUBLIN Restaurants are seriously undermining the entire Irish agri sector - Country Crest boss Catherine Hurley Hoteliers and restaurant owners are guilty of not supporting Irish grown food and are seriously undermining the entire Irish agriculture industry, according to Michael Hoey of Country Crest, speaking at the recent Alltech forum held this week.
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