Monday 25 June 2018
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Outliers: Outwintering of cattle has been a feature of farming in the Burren for centuries. The winter grazing has also worked to control the encroachment of scrub.
Minister announces opening of 4th tranche to applicants for Burren Programme The Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed has announced the opening of a final tranche of the very successful Burren Programme for applications from interested farmers. 
Main Farming Headlines
Stock market analysts have been closely watching Arytza’s covenants as earnings at the group fall Aryzta criticised by accounting watchdog over borrowing agreement 'breach' disclosures Samantha McCaughren The accounting watchdog Iaasa has given embattled food giant Aryzta a rap on the knuckles for failing to comply in full with accounting rules.
Kerry cattle. Picture: The Kerry Cattle Society Rare Kerry cattle under threat from dog foul bags Anne Lucey People  walking dogs are throwing plastic dog foul bags into fields where the rare Kerry cow, Ireland's oldest and rarest breed of cattle grazes, the council in Killarney has been told.
The inquiry into financial sector misconduct has led to damaging revelations of careless and at times fraudulent lending practices,Pic: Getty Images Australian farm finance lenders hit with claims of misconduct The Australian corporate watchdog may need to play a bigger role in regulating agricultural finance given the absence of redress options for borrowers, a powerful public inquiry heard on Monday as it turned its focus to the country’s $50 billion farm sector.
It is important for all employers to be aware that the costs of an employee are not just financial. Advice: It's better to be safe than sorry with casual workers Theresa Murphy
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