Tuesday 23 January 2018

While you were sleeping: Stories you may have missed overnight and the front page headlines today

The Irish Independent front page
The Irish Independent front page
Independent.ie Newsdesk

Independent.ie Newsdesk

In the US, the government has said it may not need Apple's help to unlock an encrypted iPhone used by one of the San Bernardino attackers.

In a filing late on Monday, federal prosecutors said "an outside party" came forward over the weekend and showed the FBI a possible method for unlocking the phone used by gunman Syed Farook in the December 2 terror attack in California.

Authorities need time to determine "whether it is a viable method that will not compromise data" on the phone. If viable, "it should eliminate the need for the assistance from Apple" according to the filing, which sought to delay a much-anticipated court hearing over the issue on Tuesday.

In Tokyo, thousands of passengers at major airports have been grounded after airline computer systems stopped working.

The delays began in the morning, with All Nippon Airways posting a notice on its website apologising for delays and cancellations due to a "system malfunction".

The airline said internet check-in, seat selection, new reservations, changes to reservations and payments were not available for domestic flights and it was trying to identify and fix the problem as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the front pages in Ireland focus on Sunday night's tragedy in Buncrana, Co Donegal in which three generations of a family lost their lives when their car slipped into water off a pier.

The front page of the Irish Independent reads: 'Save my baby', the final words spoken of hero dad Sean McGrotty who went back into the car to try and save his two sons, his mother-in-law and her daughter.

The Irish Daily Mirror and Irish Examiner lead with the same headline, while the Irish Sun and Irish Daily Mail lead with the mother's words, 'I've lost everyone' and 'I've lost all but my baby'.

The Herald leads with the simple word, 'Heroes'.

Finally, the Irish Times leads with the headline: 'He looked at me and said: Save the baby. And he went back into the car'.

The front pages were dominated by the tragedy which saw Sean McGrotty (46), his sons Mark (12) and Evan (8), his mother in law Ruth Daniels (57) and her 15-year-old daughter Jodi Lee all lose their lives after the Audi vehicle slid off the pier.

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