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What it says in the papers


Crackdown on robberies, a shortage of priests and confusion over the refugee proposals - here are the five stories on the front pages this morning.

1. Longer prison time

'Serial home burglars to get longer prison time' reads the front page of the Irish Independent. The newspaper reports how serial home burglars will face longer jail terms and may be refused bail, under new laws aimed at curbing break-ins.

2. Man fighting for life

'Stabbed 15 times and left to burn' reads the front page of the Herald. Ciaran Murphy was stabbed, beaten and left in a house which was set on fire in a brutal attack in the early hours of Monday morning. Mr Murphy remains fighting for his life in hospital.

The Irish Daily Star and Irish Sun also lead with the story and Mr Murphy's photograph, writing: 'Knifed 16 times and torched over debt' and 'Stabbed 16 times and burned alive', respectively.

3. Confusion over refugee proposal

The Irish Times lead their front page with the headline: 'Coalition split over response to migrant crisis'. According to the newspaper, Fine Gael sources have said that the Tanaiste's proposal to take in 5,000 refugees is not 'practicable'.

The Irish Examiner also leads with the reaction to the Tanaiste's comments with the headline: 'Confusion over State offer to shelter refugees'.

4. Cancer patient 'left on trolley for five days'

'Cancer patient on trolley for 5 days' reads the front page of today's Irish Daily Mirror. The newspaper reports on the 'fury' as an OAP is left lying on a trolley for five days in a crisis-hit A&E ward.

5. Will women be priests?

The Irish Daily Mail leads their front page with 'Half of parishes will soon have no priest'. The Bishop has called for a debate on Church roles for women and married men.

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