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What it says in the papers


The front page of the Irish Independent

The front page of the Irish Independent

The front page of the Irish Independent

Here are the seven stories you need to know from this morning's papers

1. The Rent Report

‘Housing crisis forces 10,000 a month to rent’ reads the front page of the Irish Independent. The latest in ‘The Rent Report’ series reports that the rental watchdog is dramatically increasing its staff to deal with the surging number of tenants and the knock-on rise in disputes with landlords.

2. Council 'abandons' families in fire-risk apartments

The Irish Examiner leads with ‘Council ‘left us to live in death trap flat’’ and reports how Meath Council ‘abandoned’ residents in fire-risk apartments. The families claim the local authority has done nothing despite being handed the ‘damning’ report almost a year ago.

3. Murder investigation latest

The Herald and the Irish Sun both lead their front pages with the latest in a murder investigation in Dublin after an innocent man was shot dead by a ‘man dressed as a woman’ on Friday afternoon in the Clonsilla area. Keith Walker (36),a  father-of-two who was due to get married in September, was killed in the incident. ‘Westies boss held over murder’ reads the front page of The Herald. The Irish Sun leads with ‘There’s going to be war’ – the words of the intended victim of the gun hit who ‘vows to avenge the killing’.

4. Killilea 'needed' hotel sale for UK deal

The multimillionaire wife of Sean Dunne reports 'needed' €19m from the sale of a South African hotel to pay for a €7m property in the UK. A South African curt was told Gayle Killilea planned to use some of the proceeds for property.

5. Dwyer love banned from prison

The Irish Daily Star leads their front page with the latest on Graham Dwyer’s new-found love. The woman, who spoke to the newspaper in an exclusive on Sunday, has been banned from visiting Dwyer. ‘Dwyer girl banned from jail’ reads the front page. The newspaper reports that the woman who struck up a relationship with the convicted killer has been banned from visiting him over her choice of clothing on a visit.

6. No cut on top tax rate

The Irish Daily Mail leads their front page with ‘No cut in the 40pc tax rate’ and reports that there will be no cut on the top rate of tax in the October Budget.

7. 'Shock splurges' in Government

‘€2.4m high flying politicians’ reads the front page of the Irish Daily Mirror. The newspaper reads: ‘Ministers, TDs and senators splurge on flights, hotels and gifts amid cuts’ and reports on some of the ‘most shocking splurges’ since the Coalition came into power.

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