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What it says in the papers


The front page of today's Irish Independent

The front page of today's Irish Independent

The front page of today's Irish Independent

Here are the eight front-page stories you need to know this morning

1. IBRC talks in the Dail

‘O’Brien’s campaign to get his €315m loan extended’ reads the front page of today’s Irish Independent. The businessman is understood to have made four attempts to extend a loan with the former Anglo Irish Bank. The Dail heard last night that the businessman eventually got an extra 12 months to make repayments on the loan.

The latest revelations also feature on the front of the Irish Examiner with the headline: ‘Fresh O’Brien claims threaten inquiry’.

The Irish Times opts for: ‘SF TD’s claim on O’Brien loan disputed’.  The newspaper reports that Sinn Fein TD Pearse Doherty’s claims about O’Brien's request for a loan extension is ‘disputed by sources with knowledge of the special liquidation’.

2. Irish Government warned about 'lessons of the past'

However, the Irish Times leads its front page with the latest news on the economy. ‘ESRI warns Coalition against €1.5bn budget boost’. The think tank has warned the Irish Government to remember the ‘lessons of the past’.

3. Homeowners to pay €5k to renew pipes

The Irish Examiner also makes space on its front page for the latest in Ireland’s water fiasco. ‘Homeowners face €5k bill to remove lead pipes’ the headline reads as the HSE brands the situation ‘so dangerous they have urged mothers to breastfeed rather than feed their babies the contaminated water’

4. Thieves rob €6k illness fund

‘Thieves rob €6k illness fund’ reads the front page of The Herald. The newspaper reports how thieves stole €6k raised for a Dublin woman being treated for a ‘life-threatening’ illness. Denise Ryan (30), who has Lyme Disease, has been left with just €3 in her account.

5. Peter's big match

A newly-wed Peter Stringer smiles out from most of the front pages just minutes after he stepped out of the church with his bride Debbie O’Leary. The Irish Independent caption reads: ‘Rugby legend Peter’s biggest match’.

6. Risk remains at 'six-house inferno' homes

The Irish Daily Mail leads their front page with ‘Homes ‘still at risk’ in fireball estate’ and reports that ‘major life-threatening shortfalls’ persist in an area that witnessed a six-house ‘inferno’ in March of this year.

7. 'Giles snubbed from RTE panel'

RTE has reportedly 'axed' soccer analyst John Giles from its panel for Ireland's crucial game against Scotland this Saturday. The Irish Daily Star leads with the story 'RTE axe Giles' and say the move has 'angered' the panel.

8. Keane and O'Neill in M50 crash

Finally the Irish Sun and the Irish Daily Mirror lead their front pages with a minor car crash on Dublin’s M50… which involved Ireland managers Roy Keane and Martin O’Neill. ‘Keano and O’Neill in car crash’ reads the front page of the Irish Daily Mirror, while the Irish Sun leads with ‘Scratch of the day – Roy and Mart in M50 prang’.

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