Sunday 18 February 2018

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Here are the main stories you need to know today:

1. Marriage Referendum

'Now Labour wants moves on abortion before election' reads the front page of the Irish Independent. The Labour Party are set to mount a fresh bid to further liberalise the country's abortion laws after the resounding 'Yes' vote to same-sex marriage on Saturday. However, senior Fine Gael figures have said the party will not be rushed into liberalising the country's abortion laws. There is also more reaction and comment on this weekend's historic equality vote in a 12-page special.

The Irish Times leads with Saturday's historic vote and reads: 'Vote can serve as a beacon of hope for those still facing oppression', a comment piece on the referendum result by Denis Staunton.

'Plans to tap into $200bn gay spend' reads the front page of the Irish Examiner. The newspaper reports on calls for Ireland to 'become  a global champion for gay rights' and says Ireland looks set to tap into the 'spending power of the pink euro'.

The Irish Daily Mail also follows up on the weekend's historic vote and leads with: 'Abortion vote promises much deeper division'.

2. Horror plane crash

Meanwhile, The Herald leads with the deaths of two men who were killed when their plane smashed into the side of a mountain yesterday. The two men, Bryan Keane in his 60s and Paul Smith in his 50s, have been described as 'experienced flyers'. The Irish Mirror also leads with the story and the headline, '2 dead in horror plane crash'.

3. Victim's 'throat slit'

The Irish Sun leads with a follow-up to the discovery of a man's body on Saturday on the same laneway Baby Maria was abandoned a few weeks ago. 'Lad's throat slit at baby spot' the headline reads. The newspaper reports the victim Andrew Guerrine had his throat slit and his body dumped in a ditch on the remote road.

4. 'You're not ugly Marty'

The Irish Star leads with comments made on yesterday's Sunday Game programme, when Joe Brolly dubbed Marty Morrissey as 'ugly' live on air. Brolly has since apologised for the 'out of order' jibe. 'You're not ugly Marty' reads the front page of the Star.

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