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What it says in the papers


The front page of today's Irish Independent

The front page of today's Irish Independent

The front page of today's Irish Independent

The nine stories you need to know this morning:

1. Health Atlas

'Prostate cancer rates in West 'significantly high' reads the front page of the Irish Independent. Men living in the west of the country have a greater risk of getting prostate cancer while women in Cork and Dublin have a higher risk of breast cancer, it is revealed. A new 'health atlas' has identified counties with higher than expected rates of cancer.

2. 'My dad the monster Mark Nash'

'My dad the monster' reads the front of the Irish Daily Star. 'Exclusive: Psycho's girl tells all' the front page reads as the newspaper speaks to the daughter of serial killer Mark Nash.

3. Tragic dad escorted home

The Irish Times have led with a photo of the hearse bringing tragic father of three Aidan Lynam home to Lucan from Clare, where he was killed in a crash at a motorcycle fundraising event for Down Sydrome Ireland. The poignant photo shows Mr Lynam's fellow fundraising motorcyclists escorting the hearse.

4. Orders to repossess home rise

The front page of the Irish Times reads 'Orders to repossess houses rise by more than 500pc'. The newspaper reports that 586 repossession orders have been granted by the circuit court since January. The figures also include an increase in repossession orders put pressure on Government to help families.

5. Bodies of couple found in Wexford

The Herald leads their front page with the discovery of two bodies in a house in Co Wexford. 'Shock as bodies of couple found' reads the front page of the newspaper. The young mum (32) and her fiance were discovered by a relative.

6. Daughter of murder victim speaks out

The Irish Sun leads with the line 'What Dad did to Mum was terrible', as they speak exclusively with the eldest daughter of the woman murdered by bare-knuckle boxer Michael Quinn McDonagh.

7. Irishman 'attacked by ladyboy'

Crime seems to lead the front pages this morning as the Irish Daily Mirror leads with the headline, 'Attacked by ladyboy for refusing sex'. The newspaper reports how a Thai prostitute reportedly left an Irishman covered with blood after he 'rejected her'.

8. Retired teachers 'still being hired'

The Irish Daily Mail leads with 'State still hiring retired teachers'. The newspaper reports that newly qualified and young teachers are still being denied work as schools are still hiring retired staff as substitutes.

9. Scheme to keep debtors at home

Finally, the Irish Examiner leads with 'Scheme to keep debtors in their homes'. The newspaper reports on how thousands of struggling mortgage holders will be offered an option to write off debt and become tenants.

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