Monday 23 April 2018

What it says in the papers

The front page of the Irish Independent
The front page of the Irish Independent Newsdesk Newsdesk

The need-to-know stories on the front pages this morning

1. #SwissLeaks

The Swiss bank that lets its Irish customers evade tax' reads the front page of the Irish Independent.

The front page of the newspaper reports how the Revenue Commissioners has recouped €4.5m in unpaid taxes from 20 holders of Swiss bank accounts.

The Irish Times also leads with the Swiss leaks story. 'Swiss leaks - secret bank files exposed' reads the front page, and underneath '€100bn held in bank accounts, Irish tax settlements net €4.5m'.

2. Upbeat predictions for retailers

The Irish Examiner leads with a feel-good story - 'Upbeat retailers declare turning point'. The newspaper reports that consumer spending is predicted to increase by nearly 3pc this year.

3. Doctors revolt against free under-6s care

The Herald leads its front page with 'Doctors revolt on under-six plan'. Health Minister Leo Varadkar faces a revolt from doctors over plans for free GP care for children under six years of age. Over half of the country's 2,300 GPs has signed up to the revolt. The Irish Daily Mail leads with the same, as it reports that plans for free under-6s GP care has been dealt another setback and leads with the headline, 'How much longer must under-6s wait for free GP care?'.

4. Bruce Jenner in fatal car crash

The Irish Sun and Irish Daily Star leads with the weekend's biggest story in showbusiness - former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner was involved in a fatal car crash that left one person dead.

'Kim dad's 'texts' as crash kills mum' reads the front page of the Irish Sun. The story reports that US police are set to check the TV star's phone records. Meanwhile, the Irish Daily Star leads with 'Kim dad death smash - Sex change Kardashians star quizzed over killer four-car pile-ip'.

5. AP signs off in style

Jockey Tony McCoy features on the front pages this morning celebrating with his wife Chanelle after riding Carlingford Lough to victory in the Hennessy Gold Cup at Leopardstown, but just a day after announcing his impending retirement.

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