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What it says in the papers


The front page stories of this morning's newspapers:

1. Fresh insight into that fateful night

'Revealed at last: what happened on night of the €440bn bank guarantee' reads the front page of the Irish Independent. The latest report from the Banking Inquiry reveals that former Taoiseach Brian Cowen directly over-ruled his Finance Minister Brian Lenihan about the scope of the disastrous €440bn blanket bank guarantee.

2. Boy (6) jabbed by syringe

'Boy (6) in bus syringe horror' reads the front page of The Herald. A six-year-old-boy was rushed to hospital after he was jabbed by a used needle while on a city bus.

3. HSE flu jab mix-up

The front page of the Irish Examiner reads 'Flu fear as HSE admits vaccine mismatch' as it's revealed the country faces a major outbreak of flu on top of an ongoing hospital bed crisis.

The Irish Daily Mail leads with the same story, reading; 'The flu jab that won't stop you getting the flu'.

4. School's 'paedo alert'

The Irish Sun leads with 'School's paedo alert'. Parents of children attending primary schools in north Dublin have been warned about a suspected pervert who has been spotted outside the school gates with a camera.

5. Belgian terror attack thwarted

The Irish Daily Mirror leads with news from Belgium this morning as authorities thwart a terror attack by just hours. 'Gunmen killed as new terror plot foiled' the front page reads.

The Irish Times also leads with yesterday's events in Belgium, writing; 'Two suspected jihadists killed in raid by security forces in Belgium'.

6. Lying Eyes - The truth

The Irish Daily Star leads with an exclusive interview with Essam Eid, the hitman hired on the 'Lying Eyes' murder plot which saw Sharon Collins from Ennis, Co Clare jailed for six years in 2008 for soliciting to kill her partner and his heir sons. 'I'm sorry I didn't finish job' reads the front page.

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