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What it says in the papers


The need-to-know stories from the front pages this morning:

1. Tax relief for landlords

Now landlords to get tax relief to keep rents down’ reads the front page of the Irish Independent as the Government offer a series of sweeteners to landlords who agree to keep their rent at affordable levels.

The photo on the front page shows a woman lifting her head to the sky as snowflakes fell in Cork City yesterday. ‘A taste of winter as icy blast sweeps in’ reads the caption.

2. Intel bomb scare sparks fears of hoax copycats

‘Copycat bomb hoax fears after Intel scare’ reads the Irish Independent. Gardai now fear a string of hoax security alerts at high-profile companies as hundreds of Intel staff were forced to evacuate their factory yesterday following a hoax bomb threat.

3. 'Barrels of filth'

‘Barrels of filth’ reads the front page of The Herald. The headline accompanies shocking photos from inside Dublin pub Quinn’s cellar on the day of the All-Ireland semi-final. The photos were taken a week before the HSE shut the popular GAA pub down for two days after a dead rat, sewage and used toilet paper were found by the inspector.

4. Postcodes 'needless step into the unknown'

‘Group warns of postcode project dangers’ reads the front of the Irish Examiner. A digital rights advocacy group has echoed the Data Protection Commissioner’s privacy concerns about the new postcode system. They also warned Communications Minister Alex White that he is taking a ‘needless step into the unknown’. 

5. Noonan 'supports EU debt conference'

‘Noonan indicates support for EU debt conference’ reads the front page of the Irish Times. Sources tell the newspaper the forum could consider Irish, Spanish, Portuguese and Greek debt.

6. Criminal cousins wanted after fatal crash

‘Traveller who killed pensioner was out on bail’ reads the front of the Irish Daily Mail. The front page focuses on a fatal crash in Wexford on Monday night which claimed the life of an 81-year-old man and seriously injured a woman in her fifties. The pair in the other car, who fled the scene, are believed to be cousins, both who have criminal records.

7. 'Stormzilla'

‘Stormzilla II’ reads the front of the Irish Sun. ‘First we’re battered by snow... now prepare for raging Rachel’, the newspaper reads as gusts of up to 130kph will batter Ireland today.

8. Prince Andrew seduction details

The Irish Daily Mirror leads with ‘How Prince Andrew seduced me at 17’. Virginia Roberts, the woman at the centre of the latest allegations against Prince Andrew, claims the pair got intimate in a bath after he seduced her on a club dancefloor.

9. Dog attack claim settled for €150k

‘€150,000 for girl mauled by dog’ reads the front page of the Irish Daily Star. The front page focuses on a 12-year-old girl, who was ‘thrown around like a rag doll’ by a Rottweiler, who has settled a court action against its owner for €150,000.

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