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What it says in the papers


The front page stories you need to know this morning:

1. Existing borrowers paying highest interest in eurozone

‘Families pay €2,000 more to subsidise low rates for new buyers’ reads the front page of the Irish Independent this morning. The report reveals that existing borrowers are still paying the highest interest in the eurozone. Permanent TSB and Bank of Ireland have both lowered their rates for new customers in the mortgage price war.

2. HSE trolley crisis

The newspaper also leads with ‘A&E chief quits as patients on trolleys hit record level’.

The Irish Times leads with a different angle on the story, reporting that the HSE ‘was refused €100m to free up beds’.

‘Ireland’s hospital hell’ reads the front page of the Irish Daily Mirror, while the Irish Daily Mail leads with ‘Trolley crisis ‘to get worse’’.

3. 'Blame game' in Coalition

The Irish Examiner leads with ‘Labour minister blames all errors on FG’ as a ‘blame game’ opens up in the Coalition. Equality Minister Aodhan O’Riordain insists Fine Gael has left its side of the Coalition down and the partners ‘should have done better’ in fractious year.

4. Pub's 'Welfare Wednesday'

Both The Herald and the Irish Daily Star lead with the outrage sparked after a Dublin city centre’s pub promotion ‘Welfare Wednesday’. ‘Outrage at pub’s ‘Welfare Day’’ reads the front of The Herald. The newspaper reports that the Dublin pub has been blasted for a drinks promotion which offers cheap alcohol to holders of social welfare cards. The Irish Daily Star leads with ‘Pub’s €3 pints to toast dole day’.

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