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What it says in the papers


The front page of today's Irish Independent

The front page of today's Irish Independent

The front page of today's Irish Independent

Here are the eight stories from the front pages you need to know this morning:

1. HSE targets 'unrealistic' - boss

‘HSE  boss admits waiting list targets unrealistic’ reads the front page of today’s Irish Independent. ‘Patients face longer delay for treatment, warns health chief’ the article reads. The story reports on the HSE boss saying the key target of reducing waiting lists to see a hospital consultant to under a year by the end of 2015 will not be met.

2. One in five crash victims 'wore no belt'

The Irish Examiner leads their front page with the latest road death statistics. ‘20pc of fatal crash victims had no belt on’ the front page reads. The figures, revealed at a Christmas road safety launch, also showed that there has been a doubling of deaths (to 15) of children under the age of 16.

3. Kenny plans tax cuts for middle earners

‘Taoiseach plans more tax cuts for middle earners’ reads the front page of the Irish Times. The newspaper reports how Taoiseach Enda Kenny has warned of the dangers of political instability in a bid to set the election agenda. He also expressed hope the media will facilitate the debate for voters in 2016.

4. 24 arrested in burglary gang blitz

’24 held in burglary gang blitz’ reads the front of today’s Herald. Twenty-four arrested have been made in a major crackdown on dangerous burglary gangs. The Herald reports that up to 40 armed checkpoints are being mounted daily during the blitz to crush the gangs terrorising the country.

5. 'Crackdown' on paedophiles

Meanwhile, the Irish Daily Mail leads their front page with a reported crackdown on paedophiles. ‘At last, we get a crackdown on paedophiles’ the front page reads. New laws published by Frances Fitzgerald mean that people will be able to find out if there is a paedophile or a sex offender living near their home.

6. Irish Water letter smeared with faeces

‘Poo-ple power’ reads the front of the Irish Sun. The newspaper reports how Irish Water workers in a call centre were sent the filth-smeared post.

7. Tapir attack injuries

The Irish Daily Star leads with an update on an alleged tapir attack on a child at Dublin Zoo in August 2013 as they reveal the child’s injuries. ‘Horror of baby savaged by tapir at zoo’ reads the front page alongside graphic photos of the child’s injuries.

8. Miracle baby born on roadside

‘Miracle of crash baby born at roadside’ reads the front page of the Irish Daily Mirror. The front page follows the story of a baby girl who was delivered in the back seat of a car after her driver mum hit a roundabout in Kilkenny. Passers-by Mae Doyle and her husband stopped at the scene and Mae Doyle  delivered the woman’s baby.

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