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What it says in the papers


The front page of today's Irish Independent

The front page of today's Irish Independent

The front page of today's Irish Independent

The six stories you need to know this morning:

1. Irish Water: You can still beat it

‘You’ll still be able to beat the water meter’ reads the front page of today’s Irish Independent. The newspaper explains a new ‘honour system’ in place for children’s water allowance. The newspaper also reports Health Minister Varadkar opinion that water protesters at the weekend resorted to ‘violence and intimidation’. 

2. Irish Water: Coalition promises change

The Irish Examiner also leads with the latest in the Irish Water debate, with their front page reading ‘Revised levies in pipeline as anger swells’. The newspaper reports that there is a ‘change’ on the cards as the Coalition battles to end water charges crisis.

3. Irish Water: Taoiseach says 'protests not about water'

The Irish Times is the third newspaper to lead with the latest in Irish Water, this time the front page leading ‘Kenny says protests ‘not about water’. Taoiseach Enda Kenny was at the centre of more water protests yesterday as he attended a function on Dawson Street. When asked what he thought of the protests on the way out, he replied, “Well, it’s not about water is it?”.

4. Man (26) stabbed at late night rave

The Herald, Irish Daily Star and Irish Daily Mirror all lead this morning’s front pages with the murder of a young man at a ‘private rave’ in an empty industrial estate in Ballyfermot, Dublin. ‘Stabbed to death by rave mob’ reads the front of The Herald. ‘Stabbed to death at rave’ reads the Irish Daily Mirror, while the Irish Daily Star leads with ‘Stabbed in throat at 4am rave’.

5. Man who stormed Dail with sword

The Irish Sun leads with a photo of a man who attempted to storm the Dail last April. ‘Terror at the Dail’ reads the front page of the paper.

6. Bedbugs force Trinity students to move

The Irish Daily Mail leads with a different story this morning; ‘Bedbugs force the closure of Trinity dorms’. The newspaper reports that ‘blood-sucking’ bedbugs have been found in on-campus living quarters. College bosses have been forced to move students out of the prestigious accommodation.

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