Friday 17 November 2017

What it says in the papers

The front page of today's Irish Independent
The front page of today's Irish Independent

Here are 5 stories in this morning's papers that you need to know about.

1) Death of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds

The death of former Taoiseach Albert Reynolds features on the front pages of the national broadsheets this morning. ‘He risked so much for peace’ reads the front of the Irish Independent as the paper’s leading writers recall the life of a Taoiseach and assess his legacy.

‘Statesmen pay tribute to risk-taker and peacemaker’ reads the front of The Irish Times, while The Irish Examiner go with ‘ The high-stakes Taoiseach’.  Mr Reynolds passed away in the early hours of yesterday morning, aged 81.

2) Ebola inquiry following Donegal death

The topic of choice for the front pages of the tabloids today is an Ebola alert in Donegal following the death of father-of-one Dessie Quinn (44). Mr Quinn had been working as an engineer in Sierra Leone and had returned from the African country two weeks ago. He was found dead at his home in Mountcharles, Donegal yesterday morning.

Tests for the killer virus are being carried out on the remains of the Irishman. ‘Ebola panic as man dies in Donegal’ reads the front of the Irish Daily Star. ‘Irishman dies in suspected case of Ebola’ reads the Irish Daily Mail. The Irish Mirror opts for ‘Man dead as Ebola terror hits Ireland’ and The Irish Sun chooses ‘Irishman ‘dies from Ebola’’ for their front page.

3) Inquiry into Dublin mum’s death

‘Attack probe into mum’s death’ reads the front of The Herald. Gardai believe a Dublin mum may have died from injuries she received in a ‘savage beating’. Carol McAuley (54) spent almost a month in a coma in hospital before she passed away yesterday.

4) Dunne tried to drop US bankruptcy bid

Businessman Sean Dunne is seeking to withdraw his application for bankruptcy protection in the US, the Irish Independent reports. The news comes as teh former developer claimed he no longer had the resources to fight efforts by NAMA to stop him coming out from the process debt-free.

5) Jihadi fighters risk Irish passport as international search continues for a British jihadist

Jihadi fighters who are found to be using Ireland as a base for regular trips to conflict zones in Syria and Iraq face losing their citizenship, the Irish Independent reports in a development from yesterday’s story which reported up to 30 jihadists are resident here.

Meanwhile, intelligence agencies are working to try and identify a British jihadist who is shown in the execution video of American photojournalist James Foley. ‘US airstrikes continue as intelligence agencies work to identify British jihadist’ reads the Irish Times.

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