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US boxing promoter Bob Arum says gang boss Daniel Kinahan's involvement in crime is not a 'major concern'


Bob Arum

Bob Arum

Bob Arum

TOP US boxing promoter Bob Arum has said gang boss Daniel Kinahan's involvement with crime is "not of a major concern" for him.

Arum said Daniel Kinahan, leader of the Kinahan-organised crime gang, is an "intelligent, dead honest, forthright and a no nonsense guy."

The former US federal prosecutor added that it is not unusual for people with "questionable backgrounds" to go into boxing.

When asked if he has concerns about Kinahan's background, Arum said: "What did or didn't happen prior to his involvement in boxing is not of a major concern to me."

He told Newstalk Breakfast: "They don't really speak on how he has acted when he has been involved in boxing, which is forthright honest, reliable, etc."

"Boxing has been used by many people who've had questionable backgrounds. If they conduct themselves well, then they achieve a new type of attitude that people have to them because they're nothing but forthright and honest.

"This is not unusual in boxing, where somebody comes in, has some questionable background in the past, and then goes into boxing, and then he is judged for how he acts in this sport."

Arum described Daniel Kinahan as a "trusted confidante" of heavyweight boxing champ Tyson Fury, and said the gang boss has played a key role in organising a fight between Tyson and world titleholder Anthony Joshua.

"He has developed a great deal of trust with my company, myself and our people, and he certainly is a trusted confidant of Tyson Fury.

"So obviously, his participation and his views were most significant than most important in getting this off the ground."

His comments come after Mr Fury thanked Daniel Kinahan for helping to organise the "biggest fight in British boxing history."

In a video clip shared online, the boxing champ announced that a two-fight deal between him and unified world titleholder Anthony Joshua had just been agreed.

"I'm just after getting off the phone with Daniel Kinahan," he told his followers, adding: "He's just informed me that the biggest fight in British boxing history has just been agreed."

Daniel Kinahan has previously been described in a Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) affidavit to the High Court as managing and controlling the day-to-day drug trafficking operations of the Kinahan gang.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar yesterday told the Dail he was "taken aback" to hear Kinahan name-checked by world champion boxer Tyson Fury, "as if this was somebody who did not have quite a chequered history in this State and elsewhere".

Mr Varadkar added: "While I can’t comment on any particular Garda operation I can certainly assure you there has been contact between the Department of Foreign Affairs and the authorities in the United Arab Emirates about that matter."

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