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'Such are the dangers of working from home' - Luke 'Ming' Flanagan on baring legs during EU Committee meeting


Independent MEP Luke 'Ming' Flanagan has said working from home "suits" him despite a video call blunder that saw him bearing his bottom half while speaking at a European Parliament committee meeting.

Mr Flanagan remotely participated in the committee meeting on agriculture on Tuesday, but when he addressed the committee, he appeared on screen sitting on a bed while wearing a shirt and running shorts.

He said he had decided to put on a shirt shortly before speaking as he thought he "might look a bit better" with it on.

"I put on my shirt about five minutes before I asked the question because I thought to myself that I might look a bit better with me shirt on. Some people might find that hard to believe that I ever think along those lines.

"As anyone knows a pair of shorts and a shirt don't go very well together if you can see the bottom half of your body. In this case I put my iPad in landscape rather than portrait, but such are the dangers of working from home," he told Newstalk's Pat Kenny show.

Mr Flanagan rubbed his leg as he spoke, but said this morning that this was because his hip was sore after returning from a run.

"I have a little bit of a problem after running with my hips or basically it's a little bit sore, some people would say that the solution is not to go running but I run for my mental health. I find that I'm in better form for the rest of the day.

"And maybe if what happened yesterday and I hadn't gone for a run I mightn't have been so, well, jovial about it."

Despite his blunder, Mr Flanagan said he is enjoying working from home, adding: "I have to say overall and working from home suits me an awful lot better. I get to see my children more often. I get to attend, way more meetings.

"My carbon footprint is through the floor, and my expenses are down to zero, and my productivity is up."

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