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Ryanair forced to reduce capacity on Canaries to Dublin flight because staff member became ill


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A number of Ryanair passengers who could not board a flight back to Ireland from the Canaries as planned on Thursday, are still trying to get home.

The flight from Fuerteventura to Dublin was interrupted before take-off because a member of the cabin crew became unwell.

Paul Butler, who was on the flight, said he overhead the captain saying: “There’s 150 people on, I think that’s all I can take.”

“We were sitting there and a little while later he announced that there had been a medical issue with one of the staff when the flight arrived and they had to go to the clinic,” Mr Butler said.

Mr Butler said the captain then asked passengers who were on board, and who were willing to, if they would give up their seats as the plane could not be filled because it was down one crew member.

Mr Butler was travelling with his wife Rita and they volunteered to get off so another family could travel home together.

“So, we went into the terminal, and I think it was about 30 people in total who weren’t allowed on the flight,” he told RTÉ’s Liveline programme.

“Eventually 12 of us were put on a flight to Edinburgh… We assumed when we got to Edinburgh after everything we had done, we got off the flight voluntarily, that we’d be looked after but there was nothing.”

Mr Butler said he looked at booking a flight for them to Dublin, but it would have cost £373, not including checked-in bags.

Eventually they booked a hotel for the night, while they waited for a flight that a representative from Edinburgh Airport booked them on for today.

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Speaking from Edinburgh Airport, Mr Butler added that they have not heard “a sniff” from Ryanair.

Colette Woods said she was told that 38 passengers would not be able to travel on the Fuerteventura to Dublin flight. Ms Woods was travelling with friends, and they also got the flight to Edinburgh.

Rather than waiting overnight, she said they booked flights from Glasgow to Dublin.

Rachel Gorry (23) told the programme that she and her 12-year-old cousin Ruby were also forced to travel home via Edinburgh.

Ms Gorry said her family paid an additional €500 for flights from the Scottish capital to Dublin yesterday.

Rachel said it was “very stressful” and they eventually got home after 11pm last night.

Meanwhile, Stephen Daly did not take the flight to Edinburgh and said he is “currently in Lanzarote”.

“They got us a taxi to the ferry in Fuerteventura, sent us to Lanzarote… we did have to get our own taxis to a hotel on the far side of Lanzarote,” he said.

“We are now here, some of the members [of the group] got to fly to the UK, four different passengers. So, there are nine of us left who are flying to Barcelona this evening… get in at 11 o’clock tonight and we don’t get to fly home to Dublin then until 9.30am on Saturday morning.

He added: “What we’ve been told, we can only be put up in a hotel for one night. At the moment, we’re trying get a hotel in the airport, because there’s a 12-hour crossover in time, so we’re trying to get somewhere where we can get our head down, get something to eat and then try to get home.”

In a statement released to Independent.ie, a spokesperson for Ryanair said: “A member of our cabin crew became ill shortly before the departure of this Fuerteventura to Dublin flight (18 Aug) and was therefore unable to perform their duties.

"Due to strict safety procedures, the flight had to operate with reduced passenger numbers and a small number of passengers were offloaded before the flight departed safely to Dublin.

“The affected passengers were offered the option of an overnight hotel in Fuerteventura or an alternative flight.

“Ryanair provides overnight accommodation for passengers affected by overnight delays and any passengers who organise their own accommodation or incur additional expenses can claim these back on Ryanair.com.

“We apologise sincerely to all affected passengers for this inconvenience.”

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