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Psycho chippy Christopher Smyth battered a fast food rival after he rubbished his mum's pastie recipe.

Psycho chippy Christopher Smyth battered a fast food rival after he rubbished his mum's pastie recipe.

The fryers came to blows as Smyth accused his rival of trying to nick the family recipe for the speciality pastie.

Not content with 'a-salting' his victim Smyth jumped from the frying pan into the fire by marching round to the local school and trying to bag his target's son.

A court handed him an 18-month jail sentence suspended for three years for threatening to kill his rival.

Smyth, who's address was given as Wynchurch Park, south Belfast, went on his terri-frying rampage in February.


After assaulting the owner of another Belfast chip shop and accusing him of trying to steal a pastie recipe from his mum's business, Smyth told the man he was going to kill him.

The psycho then drove to a Belfast school where he attempted to abduct the man's son by telling the school he was the child's uncle.

He even told the school principal that he needed the boy as a matter of urgency because the boy's parents had been in serious car accident.

The Sunday World has spoken to Smyth's victim, who asked not to be identified so that his teenage son is not identified.

"Chris Smyth was planning to do harm to my son and it was only by the grace of God that he wasn't in school that day," he told us.

The man who was assaulted by Smyth says his son is still afraid to leave the house in case Smyth tries to kidnap him again.

Speaking exclusively to the Sunday World the man, who also runs a chip shop, confirmed that 27-year-old Smyth went "berserk" about a pastie recipe.

"He arrived at my door and was going berserk shouting about some pastie recipe," said the man.

Smyth's mum owns and operates King's which has two outlets, one on the Ormeau Road and the other on the Grosvenor Road, and she employed her son for a time.

"I always knew he had a reputation, but his behaviour that day was crazy.

"He punched me in the mouth and was shouting 'youse are dead' and 'if I get a gun I'm gonna shoot you'."

Smyth only left when he was told the police were being called.

"Then we got a call from the school principal and they told us a man was at the school asking for our son," said the man.

"He even told the school that my wife was in hospital in a critical condition. There's no doubt in my mind he was going to do him harm. We were surprised he only got a suspended sentence."

Just before the trial was about to begin Smyth pleaded guilty to assault, criminal damage and attempted child abduction.

Passing sentence, the judge said it appeared the two families had once been close, but that a fall-out had occurred over a number of matters, including a recipe for pasties.

He handed the 27-year-old an 18-month sentence, which was suspended for three years.

However, the judge warned Smyth he would "put the sentence into effect" if he committed any further offences.

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