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Today's news headlines: Parents warned to curb children’s activities; and Holohan denies ‘letting Covid rip’ amid 67 deaths in a week


Dr Tony Holohan, chief medical officer (PA)

Dr Tony Holohan, chief medical officer (PA)

Dr Tony Holohan, chief medical officer (PA)

Here are the top news stories of the morning.

Cut down on your children’s activity levels, parents told as Covid cases rise

Parents have been told to cut down on children’s activities outside school amid a worrying Covid surge in those aged five to 12.

Lonely Planet puts Dublin in the world’s 2022 top 10 cities

Principal warns of ‘shocking’ Covid spread as more than 40 test positive for virus in days

A primary school principal is warning parents of the ‘shocking’ speed of the coronavirus, as it rips through her school community like a wildfire.

Half think our climate ambitions don’t go far enough

Ireland's target for cutting greenhouse gas emissions has the support of 80pc of the public, with 50pc saying our climate ambitions should be even greater.

Bid to stage megastar Garth’s five-night Croke Park dream sparks over 120 submissions

Country music megastar Garth Brooks clearly has friends in high places after some of Ireland’s most influential representative bodies expressed their support for his dream of playing five nights in Croke Park.

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Holohan denies policy is to ‘let Covid rip’ as 67 deaths reported in the last week

Chief medical officer Dr Tony Holohan has rejected accusations he is willing to let Covid-19 “rip” but said he does not envisage a return to restrictions.

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Out of the broom closet: Inside the world of 21st century witches

For a growing number of young women, becoming a witch is much more than a spooky Halloween ensemble. A new generation are turning to witchcraft and embracing ‘magical’ practices. They collect crystals, observe lunar phases and assemble altars. And yes, they even cast spells.

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Majority in North back protocol, despite controversy

A survey, conducted for Queen’s University Belfast, showed 52pc of respondents consider the post-Brexit arrangement to be a “good thing”.

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