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Today's news headlines: First-time buyers squeezed out of new homes market; value of used cars has risen by over 16pc the past year


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First-time buyers squeezed out by high prices, lack of stock and competition

First-time buyers are being squeezed out of the market for new homes, with cash-rich purchasers and cuckoo funds snapping up half the available stock.

Second-hand car prices up 16pc amid 'perfect storm'

Your car is worth 16pc more than it was this time last year, a new report reveals. The phenomenal increase is due to a ‘perfect storm’ in the marketplace, experts say.

The Indo Daily: The Nightmare before Christmas – why you must start your seasonal shopping now

Gardaí warn people not to buy fake vaccine certs

Gardaí have warned people not to buy fake Covid vaccine certs being advertised online on a number of social media platforms. A clampdown on the sale and advertising of such documents is now planned, senior sources say.

‘Losing Mrs Browns Boys crew member was like losing one of the family’ – Brendan O’Carroll

Brendan O’Carroll has paid tribute to a crew member on Mrs Browns Boys after the props master died from Covid-19 and said it was ‘like losing a member of the family.’

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Under-fire Solskjaer given three games to save his job

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has been given three games to save his job as Manchester United manager. Although senior sources insist it is not “absolute” he will be replaced if results continue to deteriorate before the next international break, the 48-year-old knows he is under threat.

Companies told they can’t participate in pilot four-day working week scheme if they reduce pay

Irish companies which asked to participate in a four-day working week pilot scheme on the basis that they could also reduce pay were told they could not take part.

Gardaí called to protest outside home of RTÉ broadcaster Joe Duffy

Gardaí were called to an anti-Covid-19 vaccine protest outside RTÉ broadcaster Joe Duffy’s home yesterday afternoon.

Farmers and lorry drivers fear carbon budget is not feasible

Lorry drivers and farmers have reacted strongly to the country’s first carbon budget, saying it could destroy their livelihoods. The budget sets limits on the amount of greenhouse gases the country can emit over the next five, 10 and 15 years.

Irish power supply gets some wind in its sails to ease concerns

Wind generation supplied almost 64pc of Ireland’s power needs yesterday, slashing – at least for now – reliance on imported gas and coal.

Paul Williams: ‘Clever and conniving’ John Traynor died with blood of many men and a journalist on his hands

John Traynor, who died on Sunday in Kent, was part of a troika who changed the face of organised crime in Ireland. Despite the fact he came from a respectable, comfortable background, Traynor had been involved in crime from his early teens, Paul Williams writes.

Baldwin film crew shot at beer cans with live rounds on morning of killing

Crew members on the set of the film Rust used guns with live ammunition for target practice the morning Alec Baldwin accidentally shot dead a cinematographer, it has been reported, as it emerged spent casings were later discovered by detectives.

Ireland v Portugal tickets are being advertised for three times face value – but new anti-touting law powerless to prevent it

After the World Cup qualifier between Ireland and Portugal in the Aviva sold out within minutes on Tuesday, secondary sites are now selling them for over three times face value.

Machete drawn in Galway City street fight

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