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Today's news headlines: Cabinet warned over winter power blackouts; Ireland braces for another Covid wave as in-fighting and errors revealed


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Emergency blackouts on way if winter demands hit crisis point

Electricity blackouts in family homes cannot be ruled out over the winter months due to significant supply issues facing the energy sector, ministers have been warned.

Nation braced for Covid wave as in-fighting and errors revealed

The Government is determined to “hold our nerve” this weekend as the country braces for Covid-19 infection rates to hit levels not seen since the life-and-death crisis last January.

Gardaí seek legal advice on report of Donegal abuse

Garda management are taking legal advice over a report for the HSE that reveals 18 residents in a Donegal care home were sexually abused by another resident over a 13-year period.

Romance fraud Romeos who target your wallet

Men and women behind romance fraud scams are using sophisticated manipulation and well-rehearsed scripts to convince people to part with their money, according to Detective Inspector Mel Smyth of the GNEC.

Big Read: Don't blame it on Delta

Scientists at the National Virus Reference Laboratory in Dublin first came upon the new subvariant of the Covid-19 virus in June. It was another mutation, descended from the highly infectious Delta variant that soared to dominance over the summer. According to the organisation’s director, Cillian De Gascun, there was nothing else remarkable about it.

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Children to take part in rapid Covid screening

Children aged 12 and older are to take part in antigen test pilot schemes for the first time, according to the Department of Education.

Colleges told to stop using NDAs to gag abuse victims

Colleges have been warned against using non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to silence victims of sexual harassment and bullying.

Deirdre Jacob dig uncovers 500BC settlement

The search for Deidre Jacob in woods in Kildare has led to an unexpected archaeological discovery. A specialist garda and forensic team began a search of the wooded site two weeks ago after a witness reported seeing unusual activity there on the day Deirdre disappeared in July 1998.

British Covid-19 Government adviser fearful of another ‘lockdown Christmas’

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